Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day for the Missionaries

Christian was on splits with another Elder last week. While they were at dinner, a young member girl gave him a Valentine.

In their apartment complex are some Elders who cover the Young Single Adult Ward in the area. One of the Elders was the companion to Christian while in the MTC. I guess there are some pranks and teasing that goes on between the Elders. They sent a Valentine to the Elders with a couple of suckers attached to a letter. This is the letter they wrote.

This is what Christian wrote about this:
"Also, YSA [Elders]  is kind of our "victim". Just yesterday my companion and I saw that we needed to get rid of a box of Frosted Flakes. "Why don't we just leave it on YSA's doorstep and it can be their problem?" So we did! They like Frosted Flakes, though, so it's alright. 

We mainly do that because my MTC companion, Elder Harris, is part of that companionship and they live nearby. If/when he leaves, I guess we'll have to start doing stuff to/with the Spanish Elders above us. :P"

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