Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"If you thought Isaiah was confusing, try reading it in Arabic!" - Elder Poffenbarger

First off, apparently my account was hacked. So I've done some rearranging of stuff. *Shakes fist angrily towards the Devil* Whomever hacked my account is really really immature.
This week was crazy weird. We had MTE's on Wednesday and then transfers on Thursday. For those of you that don't know (so 90% of you), MTE's are when the mission president gathers a few different zones together for some instruction and then scrambles us all up for a day. I wound up with Elder Wilson, who happens to be from my stake! The challenge was to invite everyone to be baptized in the initial contact, be it in a street contact or otherwise. We got two people who said, "I'll consider it." Then on Thursday, I wound up in the Arabic North area with Elder Jackson. There's a lot more English contacting up there than in the Arabic South area, which was kind of weird.
Suhayla got confirmed on Sunday, which was awesome. We had 5 investigators show up to church (Basim, Sandra and her two boys who are above 8, and Najib). We met with Najib yesterday and he said that he wants to learn more but he has bad eyesight and so he "can't learn more". :( We also met with a less-active, Bro. Pacheco yesterday, and we talked about acting with real intent and being candid without shouting your problems from the rooftops.
This week is "do or die" week for Teeba; she isn't willing to come to church or get baptized, but she wants to still meet with us, so we're going to tell her either she chooses to progress or we have to drop her. I really hope she chooses the former, but she has her agency.
I think that about covers it. Thanks to all those who wrote to me. Keep doing so! :D
-- Elder Hawkes 

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