Tuesday, February 24, 2015

An Unexpected Surprise

This is Christian's Dad narrating Christian's blog (in case anyone had wondered if Christian was updating his blog...)

I was returning home from a trip to Houston on Saturday night. My flight had a layover in Dallas. Upon touching down in Dallas, I took my cell phone off airplane mode. It always takes a minute or two to get the connection and then another couple to download any new messages or emails I may have received.

I received a text message with the following photos and text message.

"Dinner with the Seba Family. This is Sister Seba (via text message). We love your son!"

It made my night. He looks happy and healthy and with all that food he might come back weighing a few pounds more than when he left.

This following weekend I will be in San Diego for a trip. I promise to not go hunting him down, but it is sure tempting. :) Instead, I'll drop off a care package to the mission offices and leave it at that.

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