Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"I love James E. Talmage. He's my spirit animal." - Elder Campbell

From March 8, 2016

Quick email this week!

We had zone conference on Thursday. We went up to Camp Wildwood Ranch in Ramona. We started it off by receiving some training on referrals and lesson plans (in short, we need to do better and contact referrals much faster). After lunch, we went for a silent hike. At the top of the mountain we were hiking was a cross. President had each of us take a rock up to the top and lay it at the foot of the cross. It was a tough hike! There were rocks, hills, sand, more rocks, and more hills. But at the very top we could see clearly all over. President had each of us hike with a yellow bandana in remember acne of when the pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley "lifted their ensign to the nations" by waving a yellow bandana from the top of the peak. It was an amazing spiritual experience. I came back feeling closer to our Father in Heaven and wanting to be better.

Rick got baptized on Saturday. It was an awesome baptism! He had a bad leg so I was there to help him in and out of the font while his fellowshipper baptized him. The Spirit was very strong and the
ordinance was performed perfectly. As he came out of the water and was being helped into the changing rooms, he commented how his leg seemed to be doing a lot better and he was able to support himself a lot more than when he was coming out of the changing room the first time. We as
missionaries got to participate in his confirmation on Sunday, which was a great privilege.

The sisters in Elder Hawkes' district had a baptism!

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