Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Atlas Shrugged was a waste of three months of my time." "Yeah, you could've just played Bioshock..." - Elder Hawkes and Elder Belnap

From January 12, 2016

Alternative title, I'll be honest, was going to be something about how
El Cajon was once the crystal meth capital of the world but I figured
it would not be appreciated by many. So I wrote this instead.

Welcome to my 100%-drug-free email, everyone! This week, we...:
- Drop Tithing Guy
- Have some really great lessons with Morad!
- Help a less-active commit to come to church
- Go to English work for the day and sort-of tract
- Add some people in Arabic South's area
- Visit some potentials with the Bishop and get a great lesson!

I don't know how many of you remember Basaam, the Tithing Guy (Elder
Greer, put your hand down). We had a tough time getting in contact
with him, but we finally got in the door on Wednesday! And he dropped
us. He told us essentially, "You came in and shared the message and
that's great I guess. But we really don't care about learning more. If
we want to know more, we'll call you." And that was the end of the
Story of Tithing Guy (for now)!

We visited Morad several times this week. He's progressing really well
towards baptism on Jan. 23rd. We gave him Book of Mormon Stories and
he was really happy about that. He understands the doctrine really
well and believes it's true, which is great. We've got to help him out
with the Word of Wisdom but other than that he's solid. His dad
actually sat in on one of the lessons for a few minutes. Turns out, he
doesn't understand Arabic too well and is more on the illiterate side
than most people. He also isn't really interested in learning.

On Wednesday we visited with Bro. Dunlop, a less-active we've been
working with for a while. We brought out our High Priests Group Leader
with us to get him involved, and it was definitely an inspired choice.
He invited Bro. Dunlop to church (after admittedly some really
ineffective questions on our part) and he said, "I'm a lot more active
than you think!" He agreed to come to church when he's in town. All it
took was for us to really level with him and go, "Look. We're helping
you come back to church because we love you and want to help you. We
know this can and will bless you."

We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders and it placed me in English
work for the day. We tried potential after potential after potential
and did a little bit of tracting. Lots of door slams. A few "Maybe"
responses. One guy named Sin told us he was agnostic, which was pretty

We got to add two people in Arabic South's area that Elder Belnap and
Elder Schroeder had found them during a service project. They met the
son, Elias, and when we went by on Saturday once the dad heard his
son's name he sat his son on the couch, said, "Well this is for you
apparently!" And left the room. Nonetheless it was a good lesson. The
mother was really involved and interested.

Right after that we brought our bishop out with us to visit Morad, who
turned out not to be home. We wound up bringing him out to visit some
potential investigators with us, and one actually turned into a
lesson! His name is Ceazif (sp?) and he was telling us how despite his
Catholic background he's very against tradition. He was really
interested in the Book of Mormon and agreed to read it. It was really

That's actually it for this week everyone! Thanks for your letters and
emails, and more importantly your faith and prayers! I love you all!

-- Elder Hawkes

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