Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Patience is NOT one of my Strengths

Christian's P-Day in the MTC was on Fridays. He left for San Diego on a Tuesday and we anticipated a letter or e-mail from him the following Monday. Monday's are traditionally P-Day, but it's not alway set it stone. Monday came and by late afternoon there was no word from him. We received a letter from him that he sent the day he arrived in San Diego which said his P-Day is on Tuesdays. So, we took a big breath and waited for Tuesday.

Waiting for the missionary letter is like waiting for class to get out. I remember sitting in High School watching the clock and waiting for it to be over. Those last few minutes would last forever. Knowing that it's P-Day for Christian and waiting for letters is the same....agonizing!

By 5:00 pm, I was beginning to wonder if maybe he didn't have time or forgot or something.
5:15 pm nothing...I'm thinking about writing his mission president the next day and demanding that my son be freed up enough to write home.
5:30 pm ...San Diego is only 10 hours away...if I leave now......
5:35 pm ....there is an email from Christian...but it's out of context and only two sentences responding to a question I sent him while he was still in the that it? Only two sentences for another week?
5:40 pm ...finally a long email from Christian...I can breath again.

Yeah, I know...just a bit overreacting.

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